Thursday, 28 November 2013

All that glitters!

So I was checking out Pinterest the other day and came across the awesome tutorial on how to make your own glitterized (is that a word) mug that was ... wait for it ... dishwasher safe!!!!!  I quickly checked out Wal-Mart only to find they do not carry the Martha Stewart decopodge line, can you imagine how crushed I was?!?!?!?  I sadly decided that I would not be glitterizing anything until either a)I get to the States and find the glorious dishwasher safe decopodge or b)Wal-Mart eventually carries said decopodge.

Anyway I happened to stop in at Michael's while passing through a neighboring town and guess what I found!!!!!!  Michaels carries the Martha Stewart Decopodge!!!!!  Yay!  I snatched that bottle up and did a mini happy dance (inside my head of course) as I picked out my glitter.  This event gets even better when I got to the check out and found out that the 50% off coupon actually worked on Martha Stewart products that week (they usually are excluded around here).

I was all to eager to get started on my mugs once the kiddos were tucked into bed for the night, because lets face it, three kids and glitter would not be pretty ... well I guess they WOULD be pretty, but not in the way I would appreciate!

Because I'm a fan of the good old redneck Mason jars, I decided to glitter up some of those bad boys!  Want to make some for yourself?  Run, RUN to Michael's and pick up some of the Martha Stewart decopodge in the pink bottle (but not the stuff that is tinted pink!) and either check out white house black shutters or follow along below.  I pretty much followed her verbatim except for swapping out a mug with a mason jar and I added a second coat of glitter because, why not!

First, gather up your supplies.  I used the case my Mason Jars came in and I found it worked really well for collecting excess glitter and because the corners don`t touch it also made a wonderful funnel for replacing excess glitter!

Make sure to clean the surface really well with rubbing alcohol before you start, you don`t anything in the way of you glitter sticking!

Next, tape off where you do not want the glitter to go, unless the free form line is the look you love, then by all means, go with your heart!  I used Frog Tape because that`s what I had already, I`m sure regular making tape would work just fine.

Now decopodge that jar up!  I used a fairly thick coat after the first one, I`m not sure that the thickness really made a difference (I had hopes more glitter would stick), then pour on your glitter.

Now carefully peel off the tape, you don`t want the decopodge to dry on it.

Now repeat, repeat, repeat!  And set the little beauties aside to dry

After letting my first coat dry for a few hours I went back and applied another coat of docopodge and glitter because I felt it was a little too thin after brushing off the excess.  I then added my two sealing coats (with overnight drying between them).  Honestly, aside from finding the proper decopodge in the first part, the hardest part of this project is waiting the 28 days for it to cure!

Go ahead make yourself a glitter mug, I`m sure you`ll love it!

Oh and thanks again to Ann Marie for the inspirational tutorial in the first place!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Crochet Wrap Slippers

Do you have a little one (or yourself) with chilly piggies?  Are you looking for a quick and simple project to perfect (or continue) your crocheting skills?  Are you hoping to find a last minute gift from the heart for Christmas?  These slippers will meet all of the above and put a smile on the lucky ducky who gets to warm their tootsies with these little wrap slippers!

My little man has been complaining about chilly piggies since the cooler weather set in and I had been meaning to make him some slippers for a while now but I couldn't find any patterns I liked for little boys (but girly ones ... holy Hanna are there ever some CUTE ones!) so I finally decided that I just needed to come up with my own.  I have seen wrap slippers around for a while now.  I like how simple they are and how easy they are to whip up (less than 2 hours start to finish for me) once the kinks are worked out.  My guy is 4 and wears a toddler size 11 runner (I will add more sizes as I work them up so check back soon!!!!!).

I just want to add, this pattern isn't new (are there really any new patterns out there), I'm sure you can find several around without much effort ... that being said I DID figure out the following pattern and I welcome you to use my pattern however you like but please give credit where credit is due, I ask that you link back to my original post when sharing or selling projects made using this pattern and please use your own photographs (I'm sure you could take better ones anyway).

Now without further adieu .....!

To start you will need some yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver), a crochet hook (I used a size 5mm), and a tapestry needle.

Begin by crocheting a ch. of 14, turn hdc in the 3rd ch from hook continue across (12 hdc), *turn, ch 2 hdc across.  Repeat from * for 16 more rows (a total of 18 rows), fasten off.  You have now made the sole of you slipper.

Next ch 23, join with a slst to short end of sole, slst across, ch 25 (your work should now look like a T), turn hdc in 3rd ch from hook continue across (58 hdc), *turn, ch 2 hdc across.  Repeat from * for 7 more rows ( a total of 8 rows), fasten off.

The basic shape has been made (YAY!!!), now comes the assembling ...

Fold the right side of the T to the bottom of the sole (toe end), lining up the edges.  I chose to seam using a slst but this could easily be done with your darning needle if that's easier for you.  Begin seaming (either with a slst or sewing with the needle) at the heel end all the way down to the toe end.

Making sure to work through all three layers, continue across the toe.  Once you reach the corner continue seaming only the left side of your work.  Now you'll need to turn your slipper right side out.

You could weave in your ends now, make your second slipper, and call them done ... or you could carefully sew along the center so the wrap doesn't open while your mister is running around in them.  I counted up 15 st from the toe and used my needle and thread to sew along the edge down to the toe.  This step just finished the little slippers off nicely.

For your second slipper, follow the above directions except fold the left side of the T first so you have a right and a left slipper.  If you forget, don't fret, your slippers will still look great, I just think it finishes the pair off nicely!

So there you have it!  An adorable pair of wrap slippers to keep little tootsies toasty warm this winter!  Now go make a pair (or several) for someone you love!

******** Just a little side note, these slippers are SLIPPERY on wood/laminate floors so please be careful.  I will show you have to make them a little less slippery in my next post! ********