Monday, 28 July 2014

Ice Cream ... Cupcakes :)

So ... I'm still here!  I swear I haven't forgotten about this little blog (although when did I last post????) but you know when everything just seems to keep you away from your computer?  Yeah, those all seemed to be happening around here!  From no energy, to the baby refusing to sleep, to being to busy to sit down with a few spare moments to 'get it all out', to, life!  I think I have a handle on things for a little bit and hope to get back into my little routine because I have been creating this whole time ... just not sharing ... sorry!

Anyway, onto tonight's post :)

My little guy just turned 5 on the 18th!  CRAZY!  I honestly have no idea where the last 5 years!  To celebrate his birthday he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party, complete with an Ice Cream Cake from DQ, do you know what I cannot make?  An Ice Cream Cake from DQ :(  We held his party on the 19th and still wanted to have a little celebration on his actual birthday, and although he hoped to get 2 DQ cakes (one for each celebration), I managed to convince him to have cupcakes instead!  

I have seen some really cute cupcakes baked in ice cream cones recently and thought, maybe the cones will make up for only having 1 ice cream cake!  

I have to say, these little cakes turned out great!  I used this recipe from Milk Allergy Mom and baked the cones for around 20 minutes.  The cake was moist and chocolaty as well as kid and adult approved!  Some people have mentioned that the cones get soggy, but not with this recipe, maybe because it's quite thick?

My helpful hints, I used a regular cupcake pan and placed a cupcake liner and cone in each cup (I'm not sure the liners were necessary but thought if the cones overflowed they would make for easier clean-up), then I filled the cones about 2/3 full, and finally once the cakes were cooked I tipped the cones on their sides in the pan to cool (I hoped this too would help prevent those pesky soggy bottoms!)

I used this butter cream icing recipe from Roger's Sugar which I have used for years without fail!  It makes a good stiff icing that always tastes great!  To 'pipe' the icing, I simply filled a freezer Ziplock (I like how thick they are), snipped off a little corner, and iced away :)  Super easy, I promise, anyone could do it!

Are you looking for a new twist on an old favourite?  Try baking your cupcakes in ice cream cones, and please let me know how they turned out!

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