Saturday, 3 May 2014

It's all Greek to me!

I don't know about you, but I love food that packs a lot of flavor!  I get excited when each bite is a little different in the same meal.  Lately I have had to change up my diet thanks to a newly diagnosed sulfate sensitivity.  So many of the things I love are full of those nasty little guys, I tell you they are everywhere!
Anyway, I've been playing around in the kitchen and coming up with new ideas based on my old favorites!  The other week a new grocery store opened up so I of course had to check it out ;)  As I was looking around I came across goat feta cheese, which I LOVE and immediately wanted to make an old favorite of mine, 'Mediterranean Pasta".  A really yummy pasta dish with a sauce made with olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, and black olives and then topped with feta cheese YUM!!!!  

Now where I live tomatoes aren't quite in season yet, and the canned variety have sulfates, so on came the thinking cap :)  I eventually decided to take the flavors and create a topping for chicken and I'm pleased to say that it was a success!!!!!

Just look at those chunks of browned cheese and olives!!!!!  Kinda makes you want to take a bite ;)

Wanna make some for dinner tonight?  You know you want to!  I swear it's beyond easy, you just dump everything on top of the chicken and let the oven do the work, how simple is that?????

To make one serving you'll need:
1 chicken breast, butterflied open (you don't really have to do this it just speeds up the cooking time and gives more surface area for the topping!!!)
10 medium black olives (I really LOVE olives)
2 tbsp feta cheese (I used goat's milk cheese)
1 tsp geek seasoning (I used Epicure's seasoning because it has no sulfates!)
salt and pepper to taste

First heat your oven to 375 degrees F
While the oven is heating up butterfly open your chicken and place it onto a foil covered baking sheet (this just makes clean up a breeze)
Next crush the olives sprinkle them over your chicken followed by the feta cheese
Then add your greek seasoning, salt and pepper over top

Pop the whole thing in the middle rack of your oven for about 30 minutes (this will depend on how thick your chicken is)

Thats it!!!  How simple is that????  I tell you this chicken has so much flavor and will make you wish you made more!  I might have made this for dinner 3 out of 4 nights in a row!

So ... did you try it out????  Let me know with a comment!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Jenn 


  1. Yummy, I will have to try this!

    1. Please do! And let me know how it turns out :)